Frozen or Chilled Watermelon Slushy for Pets and People Too

Summer is now officially here and temperatures have already soared well into the 90’s in many areas of the country. It is important to keep your pet hydrated, no matter the season however, in the dog days of summer proper hydration is crucial to protect your dog from heat stress and heat related illnesses. Different […]

Derma Clear Skin Treatment Product Line Really Works

Lucia’s Organics For Pets launches two new Derma Clear Skin Treatment Products for Dogs for treatment of hot spots, eczema, acne, rashes and other skin conditions. The products are available in two forms; an anti itch spray and a healing salve. Both products are formulated from wholesome organic ingredients and a nontoxic assortment of antibiotic, […]

Turkey Jerky

Dogs love treats and you can be confident that this delicious Jerky is as good to eat  on Thanksgiving and every other day of the year. Turkey is a low fat source of quality protein. It is also notably high in tryptophan, selenium, B vitamins, phosphorus, and choline. There is interesting discussion about the ability […]

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